Time to promote your webinar. You are almost ready to start your first webinar, you have the perfect software, mic sounds great, and your sales pitch is flawless, but something is missing. Without any audience, your webinar will not be a success.

In this article, we will talk about when is the perfect time to start promoting your webinar, even show you a basic timeline for you to schedule your webinar and follow each step accordingly. Also, we will discuss about 8 strategies that will help you reach more people and secure a bigger audience for your webinar. You finally reach the time to promote your webinar.

When to Start Promoting your Webinar

You have your software and tools for running a webinar ready to go, now let’s take a look at when to start promoting your webinar for maximum effectiveness.

ReadyTalk became a part of Premier Global Services, Inc. in 2017. PGi is a recognized multinational leader providing conferencing and collaboration solutions for businesses, including webcasting, web conferencing, videoconferencing and webinars.

As a subsidiary of PGi, ReadyTalk understands the incredible power of webinars to build businesses both big and small. That is why when ReadyTalk suggests a best practice for promoting your webinar, you should probably listen.

According to that company, you should begin promoting 3 weeks prior to the date you are giving your webinar.

This means approximately 3 weeks before you are giving your webinar, start sending out email reminders to the people who signed up to attend.

Offer them an incentive, a free product or discounted service, for sharing your webinar sign-up link on their social media channels. This is also the time you should reach out to your own social media followers and begin promoting your webinar. You can of course explore paid marketing options here. Be very careful. It is easy to blow a lot of money on Google AdWords or Facebook ads if you do not know what you are doing.

Overbook your Webinar. Yes! Is Not Bad to Overbook.

Beginning 3 weeks out, think about how many attendees you can support. This will be dictated by the limits your free or paid webinar software provider allows. However, don’t stop promoting your webinar once your number of sign-ups equals the number of attendees your software can support. This is because sometimes more than 50% of the people who sign up for your webinar will not attend.

So, if your webinar can support 100 attendees, try to get at least 200 people to sign up. Honestly, getting as many as possible to sign up is your best move. This builds your email list, and if people end up not being able to attend your webinar, you can always provide them a link to your recorded webinar later.

Promote your webinar using email, social networks, videos, newsletters, blogs, etc.
Promote your webinar using email, social networks, videos, newsletters, blogs, etc.

8 Ideas to Promote your Webinar

Here are a few other webinar promotion tips that work regardless what market or niche you are in.

1.      Install a Hello Bar on your website. This is a thin, side to side ribbon or strip that loads at the top of your screen and spans the full width of your browser. You can install it on just your homepage or every page of your site or blog, including a link to your webinar sign-up page.

2.      Add a “bottom of the blog” call to action. This is a simple script which you can include at the bottom of all your blog posts, advertising your webinar.

3.      How about writing an entire blog dedicated to nothing but your webinar? This could include just 3 to 5 web pages or posts on a simple website that all drive traffic to your webinar sign-up page.

4.      Include an offer to attend your webinar in your email signature and on all of your “Thank You” pages.

5.      What a lot of marketers don’t know is there are Webinar Listing Sites where you can promote your webinar. There are free and paid marketing options.

6.      Send a link to your webinar sign-up page in your current autoresponder email sequence, as long as the topic in those emails is relevant your webinar.

7.      Add an Exit Intent pop-up. You have probably seen these. If a user scrolls his or her mouse towards the “X” located in the upper right corner of the screen to leave your web page, an Exit Intent pop-up appears, and you can use this marketing tactic to present your webinar offer.

8.      Hit all of your social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and don’t forget YouTube, Vimeo and the other top video sharing sites. Video engages like blog posts and Facebook updates can’t.

Understanding your Webinar Preparation Timeline

Here is a detailed timeline for your webinar. Of course, is not set in stone, but is a great starting point for your first webinar, I am sure with experience you will be able to move those dates around to better accommodate the product or service you will be promoting.

  • 3 weeks out – Begin promoting 3 weeks before your webinar launch, as mentioned earlier. This should be your initial invite that goes out to everyone on your list who has not signed up for your webinar.
  • 1 week out – Send out a reminder email, to both those who have signed up and have not signed up for your webinar.
  • 1 day before – This is your second reminder.
  • Day of – 1 hour before the webinar, send a final reminder.
  • 1 or 2 days after – Send a thank you email for attending, including any applicable offers.


It seems like only preparing the webinar is important, but without promoting your webinar and having a good number of attendees, your sales pitch, as good as it could be, will not deliver good results. Having no sales for all the hard work could be devastating and will likely make you forget about webinar altogether, but should not be the case. You need to promote your webinar, the more sign-ups you have, the better your results will be.


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