The best way to consistently make money with webinars is to never forget the marketing adage WIIFM. WIIFM stands for “What’s in It for Me.” Always remember that all your hard word preparing and delivering your webinar is to make money presently or in the near future. After making your first sales, is important to turn into creative ways to take maximum advantage of each webinar you deliver.

Changing your Viewpoint to Maximize Results

One simple lesson to make the most possible money from your business and all of your marketing efforts is to stop thinking about what you want. Sure, you want to develop consistent cash flow, hopefully a passive income. You can do that if you stop thinking about your end of the relationship with your audience. Instead of thinking, “I want to make money from this webinar,” why not think, “What is my audience getting from this webinar?

Strategies to Make Money with Webinars

Once you have the viewpoint of your audience first and foremost in your mind, even from your very first webinar, you can employ the following strategies and techniques proven to deliver sales and profits from a successful webinar:

1.      Free is the New Paid – Have you ever considered making money by giving stuff away? This is the cornerstone of the Internet marketing business model. Mom-and-pop companies and Internet Goliaths like Amazon understand that sometimes giving away something of great value now can lead to sales in the future. A free webinar that blows the socks off of your audience with the value it delivers and the problems it solves could lead to sales and profits in the future.

2.      Reward “Right Now” Behavior – Every webinar should have an inexpensive but value-rich offer that expires rapidly. Remember that your engagement is never going to be higher with your audience than during and immediately after your webinar. Offering a regularly priced $297 course for $47 and having that offer expire 30 minutes after webinar is over is an example of a fast action bonus which works well during webinars for creating immediate sales.

3.      Offer a Future Discount for a Purchase Today – When you include a substantial discount on a future purchase when a webinar attendee buys something today, you promote buying behavior not just now, but also in the future. Make a digital coupon downloadable at the time of purchase, you need to give the purchaser something material and tangible for a better effect.

4.      Presell the Webinar as an Information Product – The people on your webinar want to be appreciated, just like anyone else. On your webinar sign-up page, tell your prospects that you will be selling the webinar in the future as an information product in PDF format, as well as video and audio. Offer webinar attendees a substantial discount price of 50% to 75% or more off of the price of the recorded webinar you will eventually sell.

5.      You Can Always Keep It Simple – Do you have an e-book, course, product or service you currently sell? On your webinar’s sign-up page that you will be offering a substantial discount that solves a big problem relevant to your webinar topic. Then after your webinar, offer the product you have already created at a substantial discount, after giving away lots of industry-related free value. This is the tried and tested “give away some-thing for free, then make an offer” sales tactic.

6.      Sell Access to the Webinar – One effective sales tool to use with your free webinar is to offer a low-priced access to a one-time replay. This will set up the next monetization tip.

7.      Sell Unlimited Access to a One-Year or Lifetime Webinar Membership – This works if you give a really great webinar that drives engagement and offers a lot of free value that your audience loves. When the webinar is over, you can offer a flat fee price for a one-year or lifetime access to any and all webinars you create during that timeframe.

8.      Use Your Recorded Webinar as Bonus Material – Offer the webinar as a bonus in a future course offering, or a current course you have already developed. This doesn’t make money from your webinar today, but adds a wonderful bonus to encourage future course sales.

Discover how to make money with webinars and what do you need to be able to create an evergreen sales funnel to generate sales and income for years.
Discover how to make money with webinars and what do you need to be able to create an evergreen sales funnel to generate sales and income for years.

How to Turn your Webinar into an Evergreen Funnel

You have probably heard Internet marketers tell you that you absolutely must be building a list. This is so true, whether you operate a brick-and-mortar business and have no presence on the web, or whether your entire business is Internet-based.

You must develop a contact list of prospects as well as current and previous customers. These people have shown an interest in what you have to say and sell, and can provide input into what products and services need to be developed, as well as delivering sales and profits.

There is no doubt developing a list or prospect pool is the first thing you should be doing online. That email list you are building does little good until you have an evergreen, passive, set-and-forget sales funnel in place.

A sales funnel is simply a path you create for your prospects. Online, it begins with a squeeze page. You offer something free in return for a web surfer signing up to your email list or newsletter. You then deliver an autoresponder sequence of emails that includes a “welcome to the list” email, followed by several emails that provide great value. You eventually offer a product or service for sale.

When one of your list members purchases something from you, an upsell option should be provided. If the person declines to purchase something from you, they should be sent to a different email autoresponder sequence, to get them back into the sales process. That is a very simple and down and dirty description of a sales funnel.

Making Your Webinar Part of an Evergreen Sales Funnel

An evergreen plant or tree retains green leaves throughout the year. It always looks fresh, lush and beautiful. That is how you want your webinar to look if you make it a part of a sales funnel. This means that the topic of your webinar should be something that is relevant to your audience for years, if not decades.

Here is an example.

Do you remember the social media site MySpace? It was blowing up long before Facebook was even an idea in the mind of Mark Zuckerberg. It was the largest social media site in existence. It is still around, but is not even an afterthought when people want to hang out and socialize online. If you had given a “How to Market on MySpace” webinar for small business owners when MySpace was popular, you may have done well then, but that would not have been an evergreen topic.

Giving a webinar titled “How Any Woman Can Lose 20 Pounds in 60 Days After Your First Pregnancy” is going to be a topic that will always and forever draw an interested and engaged audience.

Once you have an idea of a webinar on an evergreen topic, write up an applicable autoresponder series. Create a squeeze page that is not topical or year-specific, and create a product to sell during or after the webinar.

This squeeze page to email list to webinar to product offer series can be used literally forever to generate sales and profits and build your business, when the topic of that webinar will always be something of interest.


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