Knowing how often do you need to pin for success along with other Pinterest tactics is vital to grow your social engagement in a short period of time. To some extent, you can tell when people are more likely to be on Pinterest and that is the time you want to target.

What is the Best Time to Pin on Pinterest?

Let’s find out what are the best times to pin on Pinterest:

  1. Research shows that, across all topics and areas of interest, Pinterest traffic is the heaviest between 2 pm. and 4 pm on all weekdays.
  2. You will have the next best chance of connecting with a lot of traffic at nighttime on weekdays, as that is the second busiest period for traffic.

These are just averages of course, however, you need to monitor (and review your analytics) your own Pinterest account to see when engagement is the highest for your pins and boards.

Understanding when to pin is important. You should also know how frequently you should be pinning your content to get the best results out of your marketing efforts.

Should you pin once a day, multiple times a day, 3 or more times a week or on some other schedule? Also, to consider, if you pin too frequently, you water down your content and may look like a spammer. If you don’t pin frequently enough, people forget you are there.

How Frequently to Pin on Pinterest?

One of the best strategies for social engagement on Pinterest is to spread out their pinning activities. Varying your pins throughout the day exposes your content to different segments of the Pinterest population and can lead to more exposure, re-pins and followers.

A lot of social media experts recommend pinning at least 5 times per day (I know! Crazy without any scheduling and automating Pinterest tool). If you have a very active blog or website and tons of content, you can try up to 20 or 30 pins per day, just don’t make all of those about you (or your business).

Remember to spread your pinning throughout the day, so you don’t look like you are spamming, or pummeling your followers and other Pinterest users with content.

TIP: By the way, the Buffer website recommends focusing on:

  1. Monday for fitness topics,
  2. Tuesday for gadgets,
  3. Wednesday for inspirational quotes,
  4. Thursday is fashion day,
  5. Friday seems to be popular for funny GIFs and images,
  6. Saturday for travel topics and
  7. Sunday for food and crafts.

If pinning 5 to 30 times each day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year seems daunting, there is help available. Free and paid resources like ViralTag, TailWind, BoardBooster, Buffer, ViralWoot and Pinvolve are perfect for automating the pinning process. Check this post about automation tools for Pinterest to get a better idea of what these tools are all about and how can these tools help you increase your social productivity.

You can load all of your pins once a week or once a month, and they are distributed on whatever schedule you develop. Remember, your Pinterest account is unique. This means that all the research and analytical data you see about when you should be pinning and how frequently you should be pinning only gives you a rough idea to help you develop the best pinning schedule for your niche.

You should monitor your Pinterest account closely and see when you get the most engagement, then plan your pinning schedule accordingly. Using the Pinterest Analytics Tool, you can see how engagement on Pinterest goes up or down over a set period of time. Experiment with how frequently you pin content. Then study the results. This will help you develop a pinning schedule that Goldilocks would be proud of, one that is “just right” for maximum results.


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There is no reason to waste your time working on images and content for hours only to be shared once or twice before it goes to die to the social graveyard of the unfunny or uninteresting.

Choose the best days and times to post and give your pins a chance to become viral. Review and analyze the best times using tools like Pinterest Analytics, find which pins are being repinned the most and when does that happen. Test, test, and more testing until you find your sweet spot.



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