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5 Pinterest Tactics You Must Follow from Day One

Here is a list of some random Pinterest tactics, tricks and techniques for maximizing your exposure, gain more followers, increase traffic to your services or products, and...
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How to Find and Join the Best Pinterest Group Boards

Knowing your way around Pinterest Group Boards will be an incredible advantage that can be the source of many new followers (along with the traffic they bring)...

How to Pin Your Own Content

You basically learn how to share and repin other people’s content in our past article, but it is even more important to learn how to publish or...

How to Increase your Pinterest Influence by Sharing

You should look at Pinterest not only as a bulletin board or a social media hangout, but also as a massive search engine. There is a couple...

How to Choose a Pinterest Board Name to Maximize Traffic

After completing your profile, creating Pinterest boards is your next step, but even on something so simple, you will learn that it can be optimized to generate...

Why Should Pinterest Matter to You?

Discover the reasons why Pinterest, the latest social network to break the 150 million users this past October 2016, is beneficial for you and your business and...
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How to Use Facebook as an Advertising Platform for Online Marketing

Facebook’s level of popularity with Web users has run in to the many millions ever since its approval of anybody having a legitimate e-mail address in 2006. ...
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Creating a Facebook Fan Page for your Business

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is an easy way to start your social media marketing campaign. Facebook Fan Pages are indexed by external search engines like Google,...