Discover the reasons why Pinterest, the latest social network to break the 150 million users this past October 2016, is beneficial for you and your business and how this new channel can increase your bottom line.

Pinterest, also known as “The Digital Catalog of Ideas”, says that by the end of 2016, the website was bringing 75% of its new subscribers from outside America. What’s primarily been a female subscriber demographic has seen an increase of new male members, and in America, 31 out of every 100-people surfing the web use Pinterest.

Pinterest is visited every week by nearly 3 out of every 10 Pinterest members or account holders. That is nothing compared to the next stat: Around 25% of member are actively logging every day. Engaging to both women and men, in addition to US and world-wide web surfers, Pinterest has quickly become a social beacon for new traffic and if you are running a website or have a brick-and-mortar company you should consider extending your presence online to this social network.

When you establish a social presence on Pinterest you enlarge your general social networking exposure also. From 36% to 54% of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram users use Pinterest often. You might have seen Pinterest pictures displaying more often the past few years in Google search results. This event is not a fluke. Google, the planet ‘s biggest search engine, has seen a huge increase that Pinterest has appreciated lately.


So, Google is paying a lot more attention to Pinterest, which implies you can increase your search engine positions and enjoy the free, and targeted traffic by creating a presence in this huge social network.

How to Use Pinterest for Massive Traffic Gains to Your Website

Pinterest functions as a virtual bulletin board. You “pin” pictures to “boards” that you create. Each board focuses on one specific subject or subject of your choice, with every one of the pins on a certain board falling under that area of interest. You may decide to generate a board you name “Paleo 3-Ingredient Recipes”. Then, you go about pinning pictures, images, graphics and videos regarding various paleo 3-ingredient recipes, since Pinterest is an image-driven website the more interesting or informative the image, the more traffic or “love” it will receive.

Intelligent business owners produce a blog or web site, and then pin pictures from their site onto boards in their Pinterest account. You can even pin content from websites that you don’t possess. This provides useful social media backlinks to their website, and may additionally drive a great deal of traffic from Google, the other search engines, and Pinterest.

You might already have a Pinterest account. Nevertheless, in the next articles we will cover how you need to set up your Pinterest profile in order that you brand your company or yourself in the utmost effective way. This consists of a step by step procedure about the best way to set up boards and pins, the significance of key words in your own profile, and the best way to check your URL. Additionally, you may find a strong but little-known, experienced Pinterest user’s secret to free traffic and improved search engine positions using an extremely specific approach to select the names for your boards.

You are going to find out the best way to utilize content from blogs and web sites associated with your company market or theme the “correct way”, and where to locate the most appropriate content to boost your very own Pinterest profile. I will add a guide to Pinterest group boards, the best way to find groups or boards in your target demographics, and the way to apply to groups without looking like a spammer.

Receiving lots of free traffic from Pinterest means discovering the best way to pin your own material correctly, and you have to understand the intelligent, “non spammy” strategy to add comments on the other boards and pins. When you understand the way to automate this new venue of Pinterest traffic and how to create popular pins, you will profit from even more traffic.

These series or articles are going to coach you on all of these matters and much more, letting you eventually become a Pinterest guru in an exceedingly brief amount of time. In case you are prepared to appreciate a lot of social media love and a great deal of free, targeted web traffic, let us take the first step creating your Pinterest membership.

The Rise of Pinterest
The Rise of Pinterest

Setting Up and Branding Your Pinterest Profile

Before you create your Pinterest profile, let’s all get on the same page regarding some of Pinterest most commonly used terms:

Pin – A Pin is nothing more than an image that you place in a board you created from your Pinterest account.

Board or Pinboard – A holding place for all your pins. You should optimize each board to relate to a specific subject.

Pinning – Visually sharing a part of content on one of your Pinterest boards.

Pinner – That is your official name once you joined the Pinterest family.

Repin – Similar to a retweet, is just a repost a pin shared by another member.

Pin It Button – This is a virtual button that you add to websites or browsers (via extensions, HTML code or WordPress plugins) to be able to pin the webpage content onto one of your boards.

Like – Same as the Facebook “Like”. When you see a pin that you find interesting, you can “like” that content.

Comment – Pinterest lets you add your personal comment to the pins that you like.

Types of Pinterest Accounts

Now it is time to begin making your account. It’s possible for you to select between a private or company profile.

1.     Visit and signed up, it is completely free. As soon as you have a personal or individual account, you can receive an invitation to change to a company or business account.

A personal account is all you need if you are not planning to market your company or business on Pinterest. Otherwise, you need to opt for a business account. Pinterest supplies some really cool characteristics and abilities to business account holders which are not accessible to personal account holders, like detailed analytics.

TIP: If you are planning to use Pinterest to promote or increase traffic to a personal or company business, then from the start create a profile using the business information.

NOTE: If you already have an individual account, you can change it to a business account by visiting this page:

TIP: If you are completely new to Pinterest or the social scene, I strongly suggest that you create a “random” or “throw-away” personal individual account first. Following this strategy allows to learn how Pinterest works, the ins and outs about pinning, how to pin images and re-pin other member’s pins, comment and like pins and more. You can fix mistakes made in your business profile but, if you learn how to use Pinterest without the stress of making mistakes, it will make your transition more pleasant and you will actually enjoy using Pinterest.

2.     Activate your account. You will receive an email asking you to activate your account. Please do so, now we are ready to optimize your first profile.

How to Optimize your Pinterest Profile
How to Optimize your Pinterest Profile

How to Optimize your Pinterest Profile

The BIO Section

As an individual, you would like your name to be used as your profile name.

TIP: When you are using Pinterest to promote your business, then use the name of your website or business as the username. When you are filling up the BIO section, make sure to add keywords and phrases related to your business activities or the keywords you are targeting to attract your biggest traffic. Add a brief description of your website or business, add your company’s logo and all pertinent information to your BIO section.

TIP: Allowing your Pinterest Profile Available to Search Engines. After completing your BIO information, is time to set the privacy settings. You will find a box with the label “Search Privacy” while setting your business (or individual) profile. Next to the box the label “Hide your profile from search engines (ex. Google)”. KEEP THIS BOX CHECKED ON “NO”, or the internet search engines like Google, Bing and others will not be able to search and find your Pinterest profile, and that is the opposite of what we are planning to do to increase leads to your business.

On the BIO section, include a good professional looking picture of yourself.

The next step, verification as the owner or representative of your company or business website, is a bit more technical than the rest of the process and to accomplish you have 2 options:

1.     You can hire a freelancer to setup the business account and make sure that includes business (website) verification. Usually a task this simple should cost no more than $5. You can find affordable freelancers here:

2.     You can complete the verification step yourself following the step-by-step instructions from this page:

Next, you should compose a really short (you have a max number of 200 characters) but powerful content for the “About” section. Be creating and use your imagination to create a permanent impression while including all the targeting keywords relative to your business website.

TIP: The “About” section is the perfect place to include a link back to your business website. So, save space for that, try not to use any URL Shorteners for this link (like Bitly).

The SETTINGS section

On the “Settings” tab of your Pinterest profile is really the best place to add the URL of your business website. This placement creates a direct hyperlink to your website and can be a source of traffic from the curious visitors.

Also, under “Settings” you will find an interesting option to “Publish activity to Facebook timeline”, this only means that every time you add a new pin or board, your changes will be pushed and published in your Facebook account.

TIP: To double the power of automatic publishing you can also connect to your Twitter and Google+ accounts.

Last Step

To complete your settings, click “Save Profile” and you’re finished. Don’t worry too much about your recently created profile, you can always change the content and edit the settings at a later time.


Pinterest is fast becoming the place to be and if you want to maximize profits, then Pinterest is a new venue full of attractive traffic just waiting to be sold on the good of your business. Today was a first step, creating and optimizing your profile is the stepping stone for greater things to come. See you in the next articles and don’t forget to share this article with friends and family.




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