You basically learn how to share and repin other people’s content in our past article, but it is even more important to learn how to publish or pin your own content and maximize the visits to your own website pages. After all, that is why we are following this Pinterest strategy to promote our business.

Secret Tip to Increase Traffic to your Website (or Knowing When to Pin)

Knowing when to pin is important and could be the secret to deliver the most likes (and traffic).

Based on Pinterest own stats, the best time to pin new content is between 2 pm and 4 pm EST and nighttime from 8 pm. to 1 am. EST on weekdays. Those are the times when Pinterest is the most active and at their highest volume of visitors. Weekends (Saturday morning specially) are very good for traffic too.

Pinterest Best Time to Pin (Courtesy of Pinerly Inc)
Pinterest Best Time to Pin (Courtesy of Pinerly Inc)

Those are the times where you want to schedule your pinning activity. Even if you pin just a couple of times a day you want to choose those days and hours to maximize your exposure and bring lots of traffic and interest. Once your pin is not the new kid on the block, the chances to bring traffic decrease significantly.

Always Give Your Pins a Way Out

All the visitors viewing your pins for the first time need to know where to go next. This means you should always add links inside your descriptions for people to go searching for more information.

If you provide web links when visitors are looking for more information your chances are better than your pins will be shared, or your boards will get new subscriptions. As a consequence, your reputation will increase as the number of followers increase. And once the numbers of followers increase, your traffic will also increase.

Crafting Images Pinterest Loves

Images are without exaggeration, the heart and soul of social Pinterest. To attract that visual segment of visitors, your business niche website needs to also include a good quantity of visual content. Add captions full of niche keywords to each of your images to help both the search engines and Pinterest understand what your business is all about.

There are websites that can help you create Pinterest-friendly images, for example:


2.   Pablo:

3.   Canva:

With any of these apps (and many more on the market) you will be able to create the perfect Pinterest image that will scream to be shared. Last time I checked, all of these apps were free, if they are not free anymore please write me a comment so I can look for other free apps to help you with social images.

Don’t feel like you need to pin everything in one or two boards, but instead create several boards that focus on specific niche keywords.

Also, don’t fill your boards with only pins from your niche website. First, Pinterest doesn’t like that, and second your visitors are not going to see full value on that and will not follow your boards. Make sure you pin content from your own websites, as well as very interesting content from other websites or boards.

Images that Get the Most Love

Pinterest example of figure without showing her head
Pinterest example of figure without showing her head

You will never know how popular can an image be when you are posting to your Pinterest account. But here are some guidelines based on stats of images shared, liked and pin from Pinterest:

  • High resolution images are more likely to be shared as they look more professional.
  • Light images are repined 20 times more than images with a darker tone.
  • Images without faces get 23% more repins.
  • Sync between the message of your text and the image you are showing.

The best size for Pinterest images is 736 pixels x 1102 pixels. Canvas (the app mentioned above) Pinterest template is that size.


Once again, your task is to increase the traffic to your website so pin intelligently. Don’t waste good images or content on pins that only few people will be able to view and find interesting. Always pin during the best hours and give your pins the best chance to become viral.

I hope you are loving our Pinterest series. Please don’t forget to PIN IT, and share to Facebook and Twitter.






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