You should look at Pinterest not only as a bulletin board or a social media hangout, but also as a massive search engine. There is a couple of strategies for sharing content, you first need to share content that is relevant to your very own business or website, but you also want to pin content that you find on Pinterest that could bring some information to your readers.

Pinterest Series:

You can find the first article here: Why Should Pinterest Matter to You?

Pinterest Auto-Complete to the Rescue

To search for a topic relevant to your business niche, just type the topic, keyword or phrase into the search bar located on top of your Pinterest page, but do not click the ENTER key or click the magnifying glass search icon just yet, let the auto-complete feature give you some ideas first.

Use Pinterest Auto-Complete to your Advantage
Use Pinterest Auto-Complete to your Advantage

For example, if your business niche is candle making, then just type “candle making” into the search bar and wait for the auto-complete to display a few popular phrases and terms directly related to the main topic of candle making. The Pinterest auto-complete search feature gives you an idea of what other people are searching, this is a perfect way to search for missing sub-topics that you might not be targeting.

TIP: Besides being a good way to find popular searches on Pinterest, you can use this exact names as names for your boards, this will give you an advantage and help you make your board more popular, which eventually leads to more traffic.

Using the Email Notifications to Identify Influencers

Pinterest Stuff you might like setting.
Pinterest Stuff you might like setting.

A great way to discover influencers in your specific niche boards is to receive the “Stuff you might like” notifications by email. Inside the email, you will find a few pin recommendations for one of your specific boards.

When you get the email full of ideas for your board, just click on any one pin and let it open inside Pinterest. Click on the user image to be directed to the user’s Pinterest profile. Now you can see the number of followers, the number of pins, all his or her public boards, and maybe the keywords he or she is using for the niche. If you like what you see, you can choose to follow at this time.

How to Follow a Pinterest User

Finding the best users to follow in Pinterest is also a benefit of the search feature. After searching for a topic, you will be presented with the option to see ALL PINS, YOUR PINS, BUYABLE PINS, PEOPLE and BOARDS.

This is the best way to find people related to your business niche to follow. When you start following someone, they will get a notification that you are a follower. In turn, you have a good chance for that person to follow you back. This is the fastest way to gain influence in the niche market you are operating. People tend to follow you back when they first learn you started following them, use that to your advantage. The second benefit is that by following a person or board, you gain curated and ready-to-go content that you just need to repin those pins that are relevant to your business or website niche.

Pinterest Influencer
Pinterest Influencer

It could take you longer than expected the first times searching for influencers, but you will soon get better at it and it will second nature.

TIP: Some of the valuable information available in Pinterest is the number of followers and the number of pins. Begin following the users with the most followers and repining some of their best pins and you will see your own list of followers start to grow overnight.

TIP: A big newbie mistake is trying to carry a Pinterest marketing strategy without following anyone. You will see on most of the influencers or those trying to be one, the number of followers is just a big higher than the number of following members. Don’t be afraid of following people, it will help you on the long run.

Pinterest Is All About Sharing Information

Use Pinterest the way is supposed to be used, as a visual bulletin board, reuniting all the best and most interesting content for each of its users. You should pin content that you find in other websites or boards that is closely related to the name of the board and to the business niche in general, that is the way you bring value to the community.

While visiting the blogs, forums or groups of influential bloggers in your business niche, either by searching through Google or Bing, don’t forget to pin the most interesting articles or images to your boards.

pinterest-just-pin-itExample: If your blog or website is about knitting, just type “knitting forums” or “knitting blogs” on your favorite search engine and browse the results to find the leaders on that field. Of course, this method is not 100% reliable, there are many blogs full of advertisement or sales pages within the first results, not as many as before, but still some. When visiting the website just take a look at how professional their page is, how many followers they have in Facebook and other social networks, that will give you an idea of who the leaders are and who are just for the quick buck. When you find valuable information that interests you (and your followers), you can pin that content (as long as there is a picture on the page) to one of your boards.

When you are pinning content that doesn’t belong to you, be respectful. Always add a mention to the person or website who created the content. Giving credit is the right thing to do, and will help you avoid any problems.

When pinning new content always remember to add meaningful descriptions full of relevant niche keywords and phrases that relate to the central topic of your board, business, and follows your Pinterest marketing plan.


Sharing is very important to master Pinterest. It is very time consuming to create good content, so why not take advantage of content already created by someone else. Visitors will quickly abandon your boards if they do not find any value, but if they find a lot of good information (regardless of where is that information coming from), they will not only stay but also subscribed to your boards.

If you become an influencer and gain thousands of followers, the Pinterest game will change for you. You will be able to push your content to more people and gain visibility and traffic to your business.

This concludes our third article on Pinterest. I hope you are enjoying the series. On the next article, we will talk about pinning your own content and how to build your own brand.







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