Knowing your way around Pinterest Group Boards will be an incredible advantage that can be the source of many new followers (along with the traffic they bring) and interesting repins.

Group Boards remained a secret to many users. So is definitely a step that will give you an edge against your competition.

What is a Pinterest Group Board?

A group board is nothing more than a group where all the members can pin to the board. These members are called collaborators and is the main difference over the single-member boards. Each group board has an owner or creator.

How to Find a Pinterest Group Board

The easiest way to find a Pinterest group board is:


  1. Go to the search bar and typing the niche keyword that relates to your business or industry.
  2. Then choose “Boards” instead of the usual “Pinners” or “Pins”.
  3. Sadly, Pinterest has not created a simple way to filter the group boards, so your only choice is to browse through your search results until you find a board that displays the “Group Board” sign (the owner image is shared by the owner and a couple of collaborators). It can take some time (as I said before, there are not that many), but be patient and at the end it will pay off big.

While Pinterest has not made it easy to find Group Boards, there are other tools out there than filled this void. An interesting tool is PinGroupie ( This tool does all the hard work for you, it has plenty of filters to help group hunting and you will be able to find the perfect niche group board in just a couple of minutes.

Searching Pinterest Groups with Pingroupie can be really easy.
Searching Pinterest Groups with Pingroupie can be really easy.

How to Join a Pinterest Group Board?

Once you find the Pinterest group you want to join, first look through the list of members. If you find a member that you know, ask them to send an invitation your way. Otherwise, look for the owner of the group and try to get in touch with him or her using their email, the contact information or the web address on their profile.

Before asking to join, make sure to do this couple of things:

  • Follow the group board.
  • Follow the owner of the group board.
  • Follow one or two of the main collaborators.
  • Make sure you have one or two public boards on your profile related to the group you want to join.

In your message to the owner, make sure to include:

  1. Your email address.
  2. Your profile link.
  3. The name of the group you want to join. (the owner might have more than one group or be a collaborator in more than one group).

On your communication, be polite and sell yourself a little, let them know what you can offer to the group and that you will be a great addition for their Pinterest group.

Your message to the owner can be something simple like this:

“I will love to join your group [group name]. My Pinterest profile is [link to your profile] and my email is [your email address]. I am already a follower of your board some of your collaborators. Thanks for your time and consideration.”

Once inside the group, you can start promoting your own pins and boards. But be careful at first, don’t overload the group with a huge amount of promotional content. Engage the group members first, repin their pins and develop relationships and clout first.

Make sure to read the group rules before pinning any content. You can find rules about how many times a collaborator can pin a day, or the type of content that is allowed.

This approach can take some time, but once you develop a good social presence in the group, you will be able to better promote your business, your niche website or blog and start selling your products and\or services.


Being a member of a niche Pinterest board group will allow you to expand your reach and find new venues for traffic.

Use tools to facilitate your group searching, and find the most popular ones.

Take the time to learn this hidden Pinterest feature, join your first groups and start promoting your business.



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