Creating a Facebook Fan Page is an easy way to start your social media marketing campaign. Facebook Fan Pages are indexed by external search engines like Google, increasing your business internet footprint. By connecting your website and your Fan Page together there is a better possibility to increase visitors and gain more subscribers and fans.
But as a business owner is this effort worth it?

To answer that question the first step is to know if the existing demographic target of your business can be reached by having a Facebook Fan Page and second, if a secondary demographic you want to gain can be accomplish by creating a new Facebook Fan Page. For the latest demographic figures you can check Quantcast Facebook Reports.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is simple, usually consisting on one step, maybe two if you are new to Facebook and need to create an account. Making your Fan Page interesting and growing your fan page is the hard part. With a monthly estimate of over 115 million US visitors is a market that you might not be want to ignore.

Step 1:

Pick a Category (1) and Name (2). Make it as close as possible because you won’t be able to change the name later. The name of the Page should be an exact match of the business, product, band or individual it represents. If you want you can check “Do not make Page publicly visible at this time (You will be able to edit and publish later)“. I usually do just so I can take a first look at the Page before everyone else (not that everyone is just waiting for me to release it) but sometimes it might take me some time to actually finish all the settings for the Page. Enter your captcha pair of words (3) and finally click “Create Page” to complete this process.

Create a Facebook Fan Page
Create a Facebook Fan Page

Step 2:

After you create your Fan Page you will need to create a new account or add this page to your Facebook account. Start by entering your email address and password and date of birth (1). Enter the pair of words you see on the captcha, use lowercase and uppercase as shown (2). Read the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” and check if you agree. Finally click “Sign Up Now!“. Congratulations you are now connected to a social network, Facebook in this case.

Creating a Facebook account
Creating a Facebook account

Step 3:

You will receive an email to confirm your account’s email and complete registration.

Confirm your Facebook account
Confirm your Facebook account

Step 4:

Clicking on the email will complete setup and display your Fan Page in Facebook.

Facebook Fan Page
Facebook Fan Page

Step 5:

By our choosing this Page was created to be Private first, once completed it can be made Public. To do this click “Edit Page

Publish your Fan Page
Publish your Fan Page

On the top right corner, click “publish this Page” to publish and make the Page public.

Step 6:

Finally, our Facebook Fan Page is complete and exposed to search engines. Now is when the hard work begins.

Hope you enjoy this first post. Please leave your comments describing your experience following this tutorial and I will update to make it even more helpful.


  1. very good information, i hope you continue writing about Facebook and also add Twitter and LinkedIn to the mix. I want to be able to grow my business online and capture new leads through these social media apps.

  2. looking for info to create my facebook business page for realtors. Looking for ideas,, not many around.. thanks for the info you share.

  3. I want to start a facebook page for my business, i found the info in your page to take my first steps. thanks a lot.

  4. Good points on Facebook. Currently everyone is looking for an edge on how to transform Facebook into a marketing mine. Thanks for keeping it real!


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