Let’s first address the need for beginner tools for scheduling and automating Pinterest and other social apps. If you want to grow your participation on Pinterest without devoting a whole day to pinning new content and repining, you have to start using scheduling and automation tools for Pinterest. Trying to find the one tool that fits all you need might be difficult, some are really good ones, but there are some tools that can get you banned from Pinterest.

Buffer is a blog dedicated to social media tools and online marketing presence. Their blog informs about the latest social media tools, how to use analytics and take advantage of new strategies needed to manage your online social presence effectively. One of their research findings reported that any user should be pinning from 5 to 30 times each day to have the best social engagement and maximize their marketing results.

Why Do I Need to Automate?

Can you spare 3 or 4 hours of your time each day to update just one social account? For any small business owner or website blogger that would be impossible. Who has the free time to create and pin content every day? Not to mention, you need to add content, check for the best niche keywords, add hashtags, add descriptions, find content to repin, find content to like and then start all over tomorrow. You need time to be able to follow the basic Pinterest tactics to increase your bottom line.

That is where the automated tools come in handy. Not at first while you learn about the community and use of a social network like Pinterest, but when you need to multiply your efforts. When you find yourself out of time is time to find an automation tool to help you schedule your pins.

Best Beginner Pinterest Automation Tools

These are some of the best beginner tools to automate Pinterest. This doesn’t mean you are not going to spend another minute working on your Pinterest strategy, it means that you can just schedule a couple of hours each week to create your pins. Then you use any of the tools to automate your pins and schedule their delivery for the whole month and increase your Pinterest influence faster.

1.       Buffer (https://buffer.com/)

buffer-pinterest-automationBesides sharing a lot of information about social media marketing on their blog, Buffer can also be used to automate your social media content delivery. Buffer does not work only with Pinterest, it also allows you to schedule content delivery for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

Another incredible advantage of Buffer over some other auto-pinning tools is that it tells you the most active times on Pinterest and the other social media sites. You can then use those default time slots for pin delivery, or create your own schedule.

Buffer offers a free starter plan that allows for one account for each platform (except for Pinterest).

2 – ViralTag (https://www.viraltag.com/)

viraltagWith ViralTag your Pinterest pins could go viral, driving massive traffic to your website. ViralTag is a social media dashboard that allows you to schedule and post images to up to 3 social networks. Choose from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

The Pinterest tool allows you to select a specific board, add a pin description and a relevant source, and then set the exact times and intervals for posting pins. ViralTag allows for Content Curation from sites like Canva and provides you an in-built image editor.

ViralTag allows for post recycling, collaboration among team members and social analytics to measure social response.

3 – Viralwoot (https://viralwoot.com/)

viralwootIf you are wondering where popular Pinterest scheduling tool Pinwoot went, this is where. Upgrades have been made to the Pinwoot scheduling platform, with a new name slapped on the resulting creation.

You cannot only schedule your pins for the future, but you can also create pin alerts, you have access to important analytics and statistics, and you can promote your pins all from the Viralwoot dashboard.

4 – BoardBooster (https://boardbooster.com/)

boardboosterBoardBooster is 100% dedicated to Pinterest. BoardBooster automatically schedules pin delivery over ideal time periods. You can streamline group board contributions, test your pins for broken links, edit and “clean up” your boards and view statistics which reveal which of your Pinterest boards are performing the best, and the worst. Their plans start at $5.

There are a couple of more automated tools like TailWind (https://www.tailwindapp.com/) for Pinterest and Instagram and Pinvolve (http://www.pinvolve.co/) to sync between Pinterest and Facebook, that you might want to check out before making a decision.


Learning Pinterest at your own pace is fantastic, but you will need to automate to maximize returns. There is just not enough time for you to do everything manually, remember that we are not only talking about Pinterest, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other SEO tasks. The good thing is that many of these and other Pinterest automation tools offer a trial period for you to test how to app works and if it fulfills your needs, take advantage of that and make the best choice for your business.



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