Here is a list of some random Pinterest tactics, tricks and techniques for maximizing your exposure, gain more followers, increase traffic to your services or products, and build your Pinterest reputation.

Pinterest Tactics

1. Get Social:

You must be part of the social Pinterest scene so start liking, commenting and repining the pins that you liked the most. There is no better way to let everyone know that you are alive and not a simple bot (although bots are supposed to do that). Let the pinners know that you appreciate the content they are posting. Remember that before you can use Pinterest as a tool, you must be part of the community and you can just fake that (at least in the earlier stages of learning how to use this popular social network).

2. Use Names and Hashtags:

There are a couple of ways to be specific or direct your communication while on Pinterest, and these are basically the same to other social networks like Twitter:

  • Use the “@” symbol followed by the Pinterest’s username to let the user know you are talking or directing a comment or conversation to them.
  • Use the hashtags (#) followed by any keywords or phrases to make your comment or pin relate to a topic. Hashtags help the Pinterest search engines and other users find your content among the millions of pins.

be thankful

3. Be Thankful:

Be nice and thank everyone who are re-pinning your posts.

4. Add Your Comments:

A great way to add value is to comment on pins, but only do it when you have something interesting to add to the conversation. When commenting, you have to be careful not to mention your website, blog, or business at every single time, otherwise you run the risk that Pinterest will freeze your account for abuse.

5. Promote Your Pins:

Pinterest way to earn some income is to promote any pin. Promoting your pins is a cost-effective and simple way to expand your viewing base. You can pick your pin, choose the best time for it to appear, and select the right filters to target the right people. You have the choice to pay for engagement or just visits to your site. You can check this page from Pinterest Ads for more information:


These are only 5 strategies to increase your exposure and traffic using Pinterest. Pinterest has published a series of guides like “Best Practice Guide”, “How to Make Great Pins”, “Pinterest Ad Manager” and “Pinterest Analytics” to aid business accounts reach their goals with Pinterest. The guide is free and you can download the PDF documents from this link:


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